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 Medieval Movable book


Paper Anatomies

Ever felt like you're getting too intimate with the book? Here's some non family-friendly pictures of me poking around inside Witkowski's nineteenth century Atlas of Human Anatomy.


Medieval Movable Book

When was the movable book invented? Matthew Paris was experimenting with flaps, volvelles and movable book parts back in the thirteenth century. 


Pages Arguing with Each Other

Do we read with the eyes or the hands? Mind or body? The pages of Heather Weston's artists books battle it out over this and other matters.


Bullet Holes

An  amazing find in the Rare Books room at St Johns College library: this copy of Rerum Germanicarum from 1688. 


Marbled Leaf

Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy has a famous marbled leaf that's never the same twice, because marbled paper is always unique. This one in Queens College Old library, Cambridge, has even more surprises, though. 


Surprises in Books

This page of interesting, because bookworms have damaged it, but then the book had its revenge on the insect kingdom, squashing what could be a cockroach.

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